The most exciting fintech companies in China.

The stories behind the numbers.

In depth interviews.

Starts June, 2017.

Meet Your Hosts 

  • Xiaochen Zhang
    Xiaochen Zhang, the founder of the FinTech4Good and Blockchain Frontier Group, has recently launched a global blockchain acceleration program in 10 cities and 5 continents. He aims to introduce cutting edge fintech and blockchain solutions to emerging markets through incubation, acceleration and investment. He also serves on the Crowdfunding Professional Association Board of Directors, UN ESCAP Digital Economy Task Force and as a senior advisor of the China Social Entrepreneurs Foundation and Inter-America Development Bank. He is also the co-chair of a few blockchain labs around the world.
    Xiaochen Zhang
  • Luke Deer
    Luke Deer researches alternative finance in China and the Asia Pacific, with a focus on marketplace lending. Luke has co-authored two recent alternative finance industry reports, The 2015 Asia-Pacific Alternative Finance Industry Benchmarking Report, and The Rise of Peer-to-Peer Lending in China.
    Luke Deer

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